Who do we work with? is here to help any official who is running for office of any kind. Many local level political advertising campaigns are limited to signs on a street corner. We give you the power of web display, mobile and video advertising to reach the exact audience that will put you in the seat you are running for.

How we target your specific audience?

Using our specific geofencing technology, we have the ability to place ads right in front of your specific audience. Geofencing is the process of creating segmented geographical areas based on criteria you set. Examples include, but are not limited to, specific states, zip codes, townships, or school zones. Not only can we do this by a particular zone, but also we can create custom audience segments. For instance, a 25 mile radius around a government building, or a specific zip code combined with the area around it can be made into a target-able area.

Using this technique allows us to target the audience eligible in the decision making and voting process of your campaign.

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